OPT 2010: 3rd International Workshop on Optimization for Machine Learning

Schedule: 10th December, 2010. PDF VERSION OF SCHEDULE

Time Speaker Title Slides Video
7:30-7:40 Organizers Opening remarks
07:40--08:30 Mark Schmidt
Invited talk: Limited-memory quasi-Newton and Hessian-free Newton methods for non-smooth optimization. [Slides]
08:30--08:50 Alekh Agarwal Information-theoretic lower bounds on the oracle complexity of sparse convex optimization [Slides]
09:00--09:30 COFFEE BREAK
09:30--10:20 Yurii Nesterov Invited Talk:Efficiency of Quasi-Newton Methods on Strictly Positive Functions. [Slides]
10:20--10:30 Poster Spotlights
Yunlong He An efficient algorithm for sparse PCA
Matthieu Geist Statistical Linearization for Value Function Approximation in Reinforcement Learning
Gregory Moore Gradient-type methods for primal SVM model selection
10:30--15:30 Long Break; Poster Session Begins
15:30--16:20 Laurent El Ghaoui Invited Talk: Safe Feature Elimination in Sparse Learning
16:20--16:40 Dengyong Zhou Hierarchical Classification via Orthogonal Transfer [Slides]
16:40--17:00 Shayok Chakraborty An Optimization Based Framework for Dynamic Batch Mode Active Learning.pdf [Slides]
17:00--17:30 COFFEE BREAK
17:30--17:50 Andre Martins Augmenting Dual Decomposition for MAP Inference. [Slides]
17:50--18:10 Jeremy Jancsary An Incremental Subgradient Algorithm for Approximate MAP Estimation in Graphical Models. [Slides]
18:10--20:00 Poster Session Continues